The board members of SAFE Haven for Cats are elected volunteers who govern the organization. We are deeply grateful for their contribution of time and expertise.


Pam Miller, Founder, President & CEO

Sherry Johnson, Vice President

Leslie Karlsson, Treasurer

Ginger Rice, Secretary

Inez Leyden

Janet Hensel

Jay Sliwinski

Renae Irek

Tom O’Larnic

Doug Eader, Founder/Director Emeritus


Pam Miller

Founder, President & CEO

Dr. Jennifer Bledsoe-Nix

Medical Director of SAFE Haven for Cats

Patti Godin

Senior Director

Sherri Orner

Shelter Director

Gina Jennings

Clinic Manager

Danielle Batchelor

Shelter Programs Assistant

Carl Nix

Veterinary Technical Assistant

Breanah Partney

Veterinary Technical Assistant

Rebecca Schranz

Administrative Assistant & Development Assistant

Brittaney Keene

Cat Care Technician