Getting our lifesaving message out into the community has been a vital part of our work since our founding in 1994.

The accumulated knowledge of many years of care and service to cats is a crucial resource we endeavor to communicate as widely as possible.

These resources contain information about all our programs, from the importance of spaying and neutering cats to learning how to live with allergies to cats.

You can find valuable information in these resources whether you are a potential adopter, a volunteer, or a dog or cat guardian. To learn more, click on any of the following links.

How to Find a Home for a Homeless Pet

Lost & Found Pets

If You Have Lost Your Pet

If You Have Found a Pet

Bringing Your New Cat Home

Do’s and Don’ts During the First Week After Adoption

Cat Supply Checklist

10 Tips to Ensure Your Cat Uses the Litter Box

Plants and Your Cat

Prevent Cats from Scratching Undesirable Areas

Coping with Allergies

Behavior Resources

Cat-to-Cat Introductions

Introducing a Cat and Dog

Solving Litter Box Problems

Introducing a New Cat to the Litter Box

Solving Aggression Between Cats

Destructive Scratching

Preparing for a New Baby

Working through Pet Loss

Animals Connect Us