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SAFE Care Spay & Neuter Clinic

Clinic Staff

SAFE Care Clinic

Clinic Staff
The SAFE Care Clinic staff is here to care for your cat or kitten.

Dr. Jennifer Bledsoe-Nix, DVM

Jennifer Bledsoe-Nix

Jennifer Bledsoe-Nix

Dr. Jennifer was born and raised in East Tennessee and is a 2004 graduate from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. She has been the owner and Medical Director of SAFE Care since 2016. She has spent 12 years working in private practice (full time) and working part time as a shelter surgeon. She said, “I have always been a huge advocate for feline medicine. Over the past few years I became more and more involved with shelter medicine and feline rescue groups. I discovered that my “best days” each week were the days I worked the most with the shelter or dealt with the complicated rescue cases. I realized that while I love private practice and medicine, my heart was drawing me more and more into shelter and rescue medicine.” Dr. Bledsoe-Nix and her husband have 8 indoor cats, 2 bloodhounds and 3 feral cats. Dr. Jennifer teaches our Cat Care Education Classes.

Gina Jennings, Clinic Manager

Gina Jennings

Gina Jennings

Carl Nix, Veterinary Services Manager

Carl Nix

Carl Nix

Brea Partney, Veterinary Assistant

Danielle Batchelor, Veterinary Assistant

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