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In 1995, I moved to Durham to start a new career. I was alone and in an apartment. Someone at work suggested I call their friends, Doug and Pam Eader about adopting a cat. So I did and that week met them at their home to see kitties and apply to adopt. They ran SAFE Haven for Cats out of their home at the time. The matched me with a young adult feral black cat with the biggest green eyes in the world….Tabitha! It took some time but I had Tabitha for 18 years before she succumbed to lung cancer. She moved with me 14 times over the years and acclimated wonderfully. The best cat ever and the cat that has carved a place in my heart forever!

Jump to 2011 and I found myself calling Pam again. Safe Haven for Cats was now a major operation and I needed her help in adopting an abandoned kitten in Raleigh. She received the kitten and held her for me to come pick up. Willow has become just as special to me as Tabitha was. She is frisky and loves cuddling with my dog Sunny and me.

Thank you Pam for two very special family members to accompany me through life!

The Story of Tabitha and Willow