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Pet Food Pantry

How to Apply

Pet Food Pantry

How to Apply
We’re here to help when your pet’s bowl is empty.

If you need help feeding your pets – cats and dogs – please consider applying for help before giving them up to a shelter.

The Pet Food Pantry provides free pet food to pet owners in Wake County and other nearby counties who cannot afford to feed their pets. This will keep pets fed while the owner finds additional ways to feed their pets. Because we want to be able to help as many pets and their families as possible, the program is intended to supplement your supply of pet food and not to be the only source of food for pets. We cannot guarantee that food is always available or that pet owners will have their choice of pet food brands.

Eligibility Requirements for Supplemental Pet Supplies:

Applications are considered based on three criteria: owner’s location, owner’s income, and number of pets.

Pet Owners Age: Pet Owners must be 18 years or older at the time of their application.

Pet Owners Must Apply: Pet owners must complete an application to receive food- the information will be kept private. Only one application per household. Must reapply and be reapproved every six months.

Household Income: Pet owners must be at or below the amounts laid out in the table below. Please note that “income” includes any Social Security, Disability, or other monetary intake that is not necessarily tied to an employment paycheck.

Pet Food Pantry Household Income Chart 2024

Food Pick Ups Are By Appointment Only: Pet owners must make an appointment with the Pet Food Pantry for picking up supplies. We cannot guarantee that we will have the supplies you need if you come to the Pantry without an appointment.

Pet Owners Must Pick Up Their Food: Recipients must pick up their food from the Pantry, and may pick up no more than once per month. Delivery and other transportation assistance is not available.

All Pets Must Be Owned Personal Pets: All pets must be personal companion animals to the owner applying for service. Due to demand, we cannot offer supplies to rescues, colony caretakers, feral and community cats, or breeders. No exceptions.

Pets Must Be Fixed or Owner Commits to Fixing: All cats and dogs 40 lbs. and under receiving food from the Pet Food Pantry must be fixed (spayed for females and neutered for males). If they are not currently fixed, the Owner will work with the Pantry to schedule spay/neuters for all cats and dogs 40 lbs. and under at our SAFE Care Clinic.

Pet Owners Residency: Pet Owners must live in one of the following counties in North Carolina to qualify: Wake, Johnston, Franklin, Harnett, Durham, Chatham, Granville.

Pet Owner May Not Acquire New Pets: Supplies are assigned to owners based on the number of pets they have at the time of application as a supplement to what they can provide themselves for their animals. We cannot offer a larger supply to owners if they acquire more pets during their time as a Pet Food Pantry client.

Pet Food Pantry Policies

Pet Owners Get No Choice In Pet Food: All of the pet food in our Pantry is donated. We cannot promise that pet owners will get a certain quantity, type, or brand of food.

Pet Food Amount Changes: We cannot guarantee that food is available every month. Our supplies are donated, so the availability changes month to month.

Pet Owners Are Not Allowed Into The Pet Food Pantry: For your safety, you must remain outside of the Pet Food Pantry. Our team will meet you at the door, and bring items to you outside.

All Pets Must Be Owned Personal Pets: Due to demand, we absolutely cannot supply rescues, colony caretakers, feral and community cats, or breeders. No exceptions.

Supplies Are Supplemental: We cannot offer nor guarantee that we can completely supply a month’s worth of food for every cat and dog that you own. We can only supplement your supply based on the amount of stock at our Pantry and the number of pets you had at your time of application.

Pet Owners Must Apply and Reapply: Approved applications are current for six months. Once that time period has passed, owners must reapply to the program.

Pet Food Pantry Can Supplement Supplies Up to 3 Pets: We cannot offer supplies for owners who have more than 3 cats and/or dogs. Owners exceeding this amount can get supplies for up to 3 pets and nothing beyond. We cannot offer a larger amount of supplies to those who own beyond 3 pets.

No Medication or Prescriptions: We cannot provide any medication, including flea and tick prevention, or prescription cat and/or dog food.

Right to Deny: SAFE Haven for Cats has the right to not give food to anyone under any circumstances or to make exceptions based on individuals’ needs.

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