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Adopt a Cat

Things To Consider Before Adopting

Adopt a Cat

Things To Consider Before Adopting

Consider When Adopting

Why do I/we want a pet?

Is our home suited for the kind of pet we want?

Is the kind of pet we’re considering allowed where we live?

What would the plan be for our pet if we moved?

Are we prepared to make a lifetime commitment (15 – 20 years) to a pet?

Can we afford to care for your pet’s health and safety? (Estimated expenses are about $1,000 per year)

How will our social life and work obligations affect our ability to care for a pet?

What is our plan for our pet during vacation and other travel?

Who would be responsible for our pet’s care, feeding, playtime, grooming, extra housekeeping and visits to the veterinarian?

How might our other pets be affected by a new pet in the household?

Does anyone in our home have allergies to pets, pet hair or pet dander?

What else is going on in our home right now? Is now a good time to add a new family member?

Does everyone living in our household agree about getting a new pet?

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Meeting the Cats and adopting are always Upcoming AND Ongoing events!