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Frequently Asked Questions



Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current weekly cleaning shifts for volunteers?
If you are interested in volunteering to help clean the shelter during the week, there are seven shifts you can choose from:
Monday through Sunday, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

How do I sign up for a particular shift or activity?
After an individual has applied to the volunteer program and has been approved, they are given access to Better Impact, our online sign-up program.

What should I do if something comes up and I cannot work the time I signed up for?
Volunteers who need to change or cancel a shift may change their schedule in Better Impact, the online volunteer sign-up system. They also can email the volunteer coordinator at

Do I need to commit to a certain amount of time each week?
No. We will be happy for any time you can give us. You can sign up for whatever times are convenient for you, but we ask that you try to give at least four hours per month.

How do I find out about different events and other activities happening at SAFE Haven?
Volunteers receive a weekly email with all the different special events, activities and news going on at SAFE Haven. We appreciate having an email address so you do not miss out on any news.

Where do these cats come from?
They come to us from apartment complexes, shopping centers, from under decks, on roadsides, dumpster areas at fast-food restaurants, or businesses. There are cats everywhere there are people and a food source. They also come to us from our local county shelters.

Do you take personal pets that people find they can no longer keep?
No. We would like to be able to help every cat in need regardless of circumstance, but because we are a small shelter with limited space we have to focus solely on stray cats who have no one else to turn to. If someone has to give up a personal pet, we try to provide them with information to help them keep the cat in their home or provide them with information to allow them to rehome the cat themselves.

How long do cats stay at SAFE Haven?
A cat will stay in our shelter an average of 4 weeks (including time required to provide medical care). If a cat has been here for longer or seems to be stressed out by the shelter, we find a foster home to give the cat some time away from the shelter.

I have pets. Do I have to be worried about taking any diseases home?
No! Not if you take certain common-sense precautions:

  • Wash or sanitize your hands carefully after handling any cat.
  • Don’t handle cats marked “Staff only” or enter the isolation area without being requested to do so.
  • Don’t leave the clothes you wear to clean the shelter where your pets can come into contact with them.

I hear that some of the cats are FIV positive. What does this mean?
It means they have tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. In practical terms, it means very little to the cat if they are spayed or neutered, maintained as an indoor pet, and given appropriate health care. It also means very little to any cat with whom they might come into contact as it is generally only transmitted through serious bite wounds. It is not contagious through casual contact, nor is it in any way contagious to humans or any other type of pet.

Can I bring a friend or family member for a tour?
We are always happy to show off our wonderful adoption center. You are welcome to bring friends and family for a tour any time we are open to the public.

Are there other ways I can help in addition to volunteering?
Absolutely! Do you have a contact that might be able to provide us with supplies or services? Do you have friends who haven’t heard about the services we provide? One of the best ways you can help is to just talk about us!

Community service volunteers

We may be able to accommodate your community service needs. Please email and tell us is this community service for:

  • A legal requirement of the court?
  • For a class at school?
  • For Scouts?
  • As a graduation requirement ?
  • Requirement of your job?
  • Other?
  • What hours are needed and by when?
    • Community Service Volunteers can only obtain hours from the Shelter Cleaning Team, Litter Box Team and events.


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Adoption Event at PetPeople

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