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In January of 2017 Rosetta was ready for a new cat. I wanted to get that cat for her as small token of appreciation for her help with my deceased mom’s cat, Cindy Lou. Rose didn’t want a kitten, but definitely wanted a younger adult so she could enjoy her pet instead of constant medical worries that come with senior cats she had been dealing with for several years (Cindy Lou & prior to that her beloved Summer). We went to SAFE Haven on 1/4/2017 and met 2 or 3 “candidates”, and then “Blair” was the one that we chose or perhaps she chose us or Rose??? Now called Lou Anne (in honor of Cindy Lou) – she is quite the girl – very unique, extremely smart & playful – sometimes acting more like a dog than a cat. She spends her days looking out the patio window watching squirrels and birds and even “chatting” with them by “squeaking”. If she happens to be in another room and missing some action on the patio, Rose just has to call – “Hey Lou Anne, come see the squirrels” and she comes barreling into the living room, right up to the patio door to look out.

Lou Anne and Rose “run” around the apartment playing and her toys are all around and she makes good use of them, batting them down from her cat tree, if they happen to be off the floor! She loves laser pointers and literally climbs the walls chasing them. She is the official apartment doorman and greets all visitors. Lou Anne is a sweet girl and the older she gets, she does like sitting on Rose’s lap, but probably still prefers playing to cuddling. Lou Anne likes to sleep in in the bed with Rose most nights and loves her “mama” Rose and Rose loves her.

Lou Anne on the Couch