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Mia was adopted in January of 2003. She was estimated to be about 11 months old, so we put her birthday in February of 2002. She was called Marie at that time, but due to her love of chasing and batting little balls around the house, we changed her name to Mia after Mia Hamm, a noted women’s soccer player of that time.

She was a wonderful pet. She loved everyone and even ran to greet them at the door. She was talkative and let you know if you walked near her, just so you wouldn’t step on her. She loved to have her face rubbed and would wake you up in the middle of the night if she needed it rubbed then. But I didn’t mind.

She put up with us having to babysit other cats and even dogs, but she was queen of the house and preferred to be the only fur-baby we owned.

Mia lived her 9 lives. She had to have a front leg removed in 2012 due to cancer. She ran, jumped and went up and down the stairs just fine for years after. But age and illness finally took it’s toll on her comfort and quality of life. She left us on December 9, 2019. She would have been 18 in February 2020. She is missed.