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My husband and I have adopted three cats from SAFE Haven throughout the years. First was Sweeney in May 2013, second was Horton in January 2015, and third was Finian (formerly Gallifrey) in February of 2019. Despite being Whovians, we agreed that all of our cats must have musical-theatre inspired names (Sweeney Todd, Seussical (Horton), Finian’s Rainbow).

Each has brought countless joy to our lives. When we adopted Sweeney in May 2013, we were both still dating and in college, wanting to adopt a cat to help de-stress (and from being used to having animals around before). Sweeney recently turned 7 and is as soft and sweet as when we first got her. She’s had to get used to two new brothers since then, but she’s glad to have them around.

In 2015, we adopted Horton. At this point we had graduated and moved on to full-time jobs. We wanted Sweeney to have a companion for when we were gone during the day. As soon as we met Horton, he put both paws around my husbands head and licked his face, so we instantly knew he was the one. Despite being a little snotty from an outbreak of feline herpes as a kitten, Horton is a big boy who is full of energy and love. He does not discriminate when it comes to laps (new or old). Horton is now 5 years old.

Finally in early 2019, we adopted Gallifrey (now Finian). Sweeney likes to play, but Horton likes to play a lot more, so we decided a third cat with the right temperament would relieve Sweeney from all of Horton’s playtime. Finian fit this mold perfectly. Adopted as a kitten, his energy quickly made Horton meet his match. And now, Horton has realized he is in fact now longer a kitten and has become the “papa” of the house. Finian, approaching 8 months, is a very sweet and loyal boy who has a keen eye for anything edible. He gets along very well with both Sweeney and Horton though, and all three easily adapted to one another. I don’t know where we would be without any of them!

The Story of Sweeney, Horton and Finian