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I decided 2014 was going to be the year I got a cat, so I went to the 2014 New Year’s cat sale with every intention of getting a short-haired black cat. It was busy, and I played with a few different cats in the play area. One cat during the play time was a large long-haired orange tabby named Felix, who was so chill that we could play and then I could hug him right after. I was taking a break and thinking things over, weighing the various cats I’d met that day. I thought I hadn’t decided which cat I wanted, until I saw someone else take Felix into the play area and I immediately had an internal reaction “HEY THAT’S MY CAT, BACK OFF.” I nicely waited till the other potential adopters walked off and immediately swooped in and claimed my large long-haired orange cat. I named him Thorin Fluffenshield when I got home. Over the years, my husband and I have called him a variety of other nicknames, such as Thorin Underfoot, Floofus Doofus, Sweet Potato Casserole, Dingus Magoo, etc. I remember how excited I was to get him home, and I’m so happy to see him greet me every morning and when I come home. He’s SUCH a sweetie and I could almost swear that my husband loves the cat as much as he loves me. Thorin brings such sweetness, silliness, and fluffiness to my life. I’m so glad I ended up with the opposite of what I went in for!

The Story of Thorin Taeja Catbro Fluffenshield (Felix)