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Adopt a Cat

Meet Me at the Purr Cup Cafe

Adopt a Cat

Meet Me at the Purr Cup Cafe

Partnership with SAFE Haven and the Purr Cup Cafe!

SAFE Haven for Cats is grateful for our cat cafe partnership! Our cats are the featured residents and cuddle friends at Raleigh’s first and only cat cafe, Purr Cup Cafe.

Enjoying a cup of coffee in a room full of cats sounds like the best thing ever. As we watched the cat cafe trend spread across the country, we just knew we’d have to pounce on the perfect opportunity when one opened in the Triangle.

The Purr Cup Cafe, a coffee shop and cat lounge is located at 210 Prospect Avenue, Raleigh, NC. It’s just south of downtown Raleigh. Please visit their website for complete details on their hours, special events and how to book your time in the cat room.

There are 4 of us waiting for you at the Purr Cup Cafe!

My name is Daphnis and I am ready for adoption. Learn more about me!
Female - Adult
My name is Kylo and I am ready for adoption. Learn more about me!
Male - Mature Cat
My name is Maple Sugar and I am ready for adoption. Learn more about me!
Maple Sugar
Male - Young Adult
My name is Peppermint and I am ready for adoption. Learn more about me!
Female - Young Adult

This opportunity is wonderful for our cats and our organization. Our cats get to meet and win over more people who will make perfect forever families. Our organization gets more visibility to cat lovers near downtown Raleigh. We will now have two locations to spread our mission of saving the most cats through no-kill principles and education. We’re thrilled to partner with Purr Cup Cafe on this opportunity.

We know that the Purr Cup Cafe has worked hard to ensure that our cats will be safe at this location. It takes a lot of thought and legal red tape to make a cat cafe happen, and we have worked with the Purr Cup Cafe owners to ensure everything is perfect for cats and people.

Anyone who wants to adopt a cat from the Purr Cup Cafe will need to complete SAFE Haven’s adoption process and screening. You will not be able to directly adopt a cat from the Cafe staff.

Here is information from our friends at Purr Cup Cafe:

What is a cat cafe?
The simple answer is…a coffee shop with cats! Our space will consist of two areas, the cafe, and the cat lounge. The cafe area will be like your regular coffee shop experience: a counter where you order coffee drinks and snacks, surrounded by cafe tables and chairs. The lounge will feature relaxed seating in a cozy room full of adorable, adoptable cats!

How does it work?
Like a regular coffee shop, except way better because we’ll have a room full of cats! You can drop in for coffee drinks and tasty treats and hang out in the cafe area. The cat lounge will have limited space, so there will be a small reservation fee to enjoy the company of our cats. Click here to reserve your space with the cats.

Where will your cats come from? Can I leave my cat with you?
Our cats will roam freely in the cat lounge, ready to play, cuddle, purr, and make you fall in love with them. The cats in the lounge will be available for adoption through SAFE Haven for Cats. You cannot surrender your cat to us. Taking in owner surrenders would jeopardize the health and well-being of the cats at the cafe, but we are happy to help you find a home for a cat in any other way we can!

How to adopt a cat from the Cafe:

  1. If you see a cat at the Cafe you are interested in adopting please complete the Adoption Interest Form here.
  2. SAFE Haven for Cat’s Adoption Counselors will be in touch with you to answer any questions you might have about the kitty.
  3. After that, we will finalize your adoption electronically. This will include the signing of a contract to adopt and the payment of the adoption fees. You are also welcome to come to SAFE Haven for Cats (not the Purr Cup Cafe) to finalize your adoption in person, if you wish.
  4. After your adoption is finalized you will be given details on how to pick up your kitty from the Purr Cup Cafe.

Is this sanitary? Are you allowed to do this?
Yes, and yes. We have been in contact with the health department, the zoning department, and the animal welfare department, and have a go-ahead from all three! You don’t have to worry about getting cat hair in your latte; all drinks will be made in the cafe side of the space.

Featured Cats

My name is Dil Pickles and I am ready for adoption. Learn more about me!
Dil Pickles
Male - Mature Cat
My name is Supernova and I am ready for adoption. Learn more about me!
Female - Young Adult
My name is Moonlight and I am ready for adoption. Learn more about me!
Male - Mature Cat

Upcoming / Ongoing Adoption Events

Meeting the Cats and adopting are always Upcoming AND Ongoing events!