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Sometimes it feels like cats find their way to SAFE Haven by aligning the Kharma of the universe to bring them the best life possible. This wise, spunky young kitty was no different.

Canobie Before

Canobie before

One of SAFE Care’s regular feral TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) caretakers contacted us with an urgent request. She found one of her friendly teenage colony cats with a severe injury. His head was swollen, and he had a crooked jaw!

Once he was brought to the clinic, our team discovered he had a broken jaw and had likely been hit by a car. This brave kitty was put on pain medication and antibiotics. As he was a feral cat, his caretakers couldn’t pay for his care. We knew we had to step in and help.

After more examination, we realized his jaw was not only broken but also misaligned. He could not even fully close his mouth! Even with the pain of his intake exam, he purred the entire time we examined him. He was shy and nervous, but he seemed to know we were going to help him. We named him Canobie.

Canobie All Healed

Canobie now, all healed

We sent Canobie to have his jaw realigned and repaired at one of our surgical veterinary partners. The surgery was a success, but he had to have his jaw wired until the fracture healed. It took six weeks for the injury to recover fully.

During his recovery, he slowly became more comfortable and confident. By the time we had his wire had removed, he was like a different cat! He plays and solicits attention from anyone walking by his cage.

Canobie had a long road to recovery, but he is wholly mended and ready for his forever home. Meet to this handsome gentleman!

If you’d like to start the adoption process for Canobie, please fill out this online form.