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Puma, The Tiny Kitten with a BIG Personality

On the evening of Christmas Day, our Shelter Director Sherri received a call from a rescuer who found a kitten under the hood of her car who needed a new loving home.

When the rescuer arrived, Sherri looked into the big carrier and found a little grey kitten, huddled in the back, huge eyes peeking out. When talking with the rescuer further, Sherri learned that the family was were driving the car when her son heard the kitten crying. They stopped on the side of the road, opened the hood, and saw the little one. The kitten immediately worked her way further down in the engine area. The rescuer said she wasn’t moving the car until she figured out where the kitten was! The rescuer found her in the wheel well, terrified. They safely retrieved the scared kitten and took it to SAFE Haven.

Once Sherri put the kitten into an enclosure in the shelter, the still frightened kitten ran to the back of the cage, hissing the whole time. When any staff person would go into her cage, they would hear a deep guttural growl (way bigger than the size of the kitten). She clearly thought she was a big, scary cat. And that’s when a cat named Puma was born! We had to give her a name that was as big as she thought she was! But over the next few days, Puma started to calm down. She got used to her human caretakers and knew they are just there to love her.

Puma is now in a foster home working on her social skills and getting lots of good food, so she can grow big and strong! She will be ready for adoption in a few weeks!