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Saffron, a little orange tabby kitten, was in serious need of medical care when one of our volunteers found her and brought her in. She had a severe neck injury and was in critical condition. She was initially treated by a local veterinarian who stabilized her but feared she would have trouble recovering, so we agreed to take her in and do our best to treat her.

When she first arrived at the SAFE Care Clinic, Medical Director Dr. Jennifer started the exam and quickly learned the extent of the injury. Saffron had sustained a deep bite wound to her neck that resulted in a torn trachea. Her windpipe was leaking air into the surrounding tissue, and her entire body was puffed up with air.

The medical team started her on strong pain medications, antibiotics and strict rest while her trachea healed. Even though she was in pain, she purred and kneaded the entire time her wounds were treated. It never ceases to amaze us how resilient cats are and how trusting they are when they know they’re in good hands.

Her injuries were significant, so it took time for her to heal. After six weeks, the fight was finally over, and she was ready to be adopted. During her recovery, she won the hearts of all the staff and volunteers. One volunteer, in particular, felt a deep connection to her. On her first day on the adoption floor, that volunteer adopted her!

Every cat and kitten that comes to SAFE Haven needs our help with something. Some need a new home. Some need minor medical attention and some need life-saving emergency care. While they are with us, we do everything in our power to heal them mentally and physically. We know once they are healed, they will find the amazing, loving home they deserve. Just like little Saffron found her forever home.

Make a difference in a cat’s life! Adopt a cat today!

By Dr. Jennifer Bledsoe-Nix