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Have Fun AND Do Good 

Black and White Image of Guests at Tuxedo Cat Ball 2018
Looking to get the word out about your company? Have a pair of tickets to an event you can’t attend? Do more for the kitties by becoming a sponsor or donating items to the 15th Annual Tuxedo Cat Ball on Friday, April 12. Do good for the cats while you dine, dance, and, above all, support our efforts to reduce feline overpopulation and improve cat health.

Watching Cat Videos Is GOOD For You 

Image of Cat with Film Strip
Support SAFE Haven and enjoy joyous cat videos with your closest cat-lover friends! Join us at CatVideoFest – only available at Marbles IMAX Theatre on Sunday, March 10. Get your tickets now. 

Healthy Pets Mean Happy Pets 

Dog and Cat With Foreheads Together

Your pet’s well-being is important to you and to us. That’s why SAFE Care is offering a low-cost Rabies and Microchip clinic on March 9. Rabies shots are just $5 and microchips are $15. Cash or check only. Click here for more info.

Feline FUN-damentals 

Banner for Feline Fundamentals

Grab your seats to learn more about caring for cats:

April 2: Bottle Feeding Orphan Kittens 
Kittens are always adorable, but they also need a little extra care. In this class, we’ll show you how to properly care for newborn orphan kittens. PLEASE NOTE: expert cat caretakers will demonstrate feeding kittens since these babies are fragile and require special handling and care.

May 7: Cat Communication 
Cats talk with their whiskers? A cat’s body is one giant communication tool, and you can learn how to decipher the most subtle of body language from your kitty.

Tame Transportation Tantrums 

Some cats find carriers stressful, making trips to the vet hard on everyone. Here are a few resources to help:


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