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Message from Pam Miller, Founder & President:

Our Community Cares About Cats!

We both know that you are reading this because you care about the welfare of cats in our community.

Since SAFE Haven’s founding over 25 years ago, there has been a critical shift in the way we think about animals. Today, they are an irreplaceable part of our family, and because we care do deeply, many people across all walks of life have become acutely aware of the issues related to cats in our community. If you love cats as we do, cat overpopulation, euthanasia of healthy animals, animal abuse and neglect, cat hoarding and the number of feral cats are all matters of serious concern.

SAFE Haven for Cats has been a driver of that shift for over quarter century, with a steadfast commitment to change the way our community views stray cats, and to empower thousands of people to take action to save cat lives.

Thanks to friends like you who are generous with their time and money, our growth has been steady and strong. Best of all, we continue to have the confidence of thousands of clients and volunteers who value us for our active advocacy.

With this growing support, and through better understanding of these issues in the larger Raleigh community, we feel the next five years will be the most important yet for the cats in our community and across the State.

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SAFE Haven Responds

SAFE Haven for Cats is the experienced leader in our region on “all things cat!” Throughout the years, SAFE Haven has been the first to create many life-saving programs and services.

    • 1999 Opened the first permanent no-kill shelter in North Carolina
    • 2001 Opened the first low cost spay/neuter clinic just for cats in North Carolina
    • 2003 Established programs to assist the community with TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate and release) of feral cats
    • 2012 Established the only Pet Food Pantry in the City of Raleigh

Through these groundbreaking measures, and much more, SAFE Haven’s drive has yielded better and happier outcomes for cats in the Triangle.

Perhaps most importantly: Euthanasia rates for cats in Wake County have fallen from 68% to 31% in eight years (2010 to 2018). In the 14 counties around Wake County, euthanasia rates have fallen from 79% to 45%. Stated in a more positive way, the live release rate for cats in our county is 69%. A no kill community is by definition “achieving a 90% live release rate”. We are close to becoming a no kill community.

Our Annual Report Newsletter is about you, since everything we have accomplished has been a result of the generosity and commitment of our donors, friends, volunteers, adopters, and professional staff. We could not have done any of this without each of you, and for that, I am most grateful!

And then, of course, there is always the future. To that end, our immediate plans are to:

    • Expand our facility, resulting in shorter wait times for services in the clinic and shelter
    • Expand the shelter, helping us place the most cats and kittens possible
    • Greatly expand our spay/neuter capacity in the SAFE Care Clinic
    • Encourage more volunteers and community involvement
    • Expand partnerships with other shelters and rescue groups to provide services to them

In the coming months, you will hear more about our expansion plans.

Humbly, and with deep appreciation for all you do…

Pamela Miller
Founder & President

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