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Enrichment plays a huge role in your cat’s quality of life. Not only does it help your kitty get exercise, but enrichment activities also reduce boredom and stress around the house. Here are some ways to help your cat have fun and stay healthy.

The Basics
On average, a cat should have at least 30 minutes of play per day. You can break up playtime into small bits throughout the day, or have a dedicated longer time for your kitty to get moving. Pick out a variety of toys for your cat to play around with all day long!

There are many toys to choose from to promote play time at home. Laser toys are a tried-and-true perfect for cats to chase the day away. Check out other toys like feather dancers, crinkly balls, plushies, cat tracks and more for the best spread for your cat to stay enriched. Cats are natural hunters – if you’re up to it, grab a couple toys that make a buzzing noise. Hide the toy in a spot where your kitty can search for it and then give them a treat when they catch their prey!

Scratching posts are another item that helps your cat stay sharp. They let your cat perch, hide and climb safely in your sight. Learn more about scratching posts and more with our Ultimate Cat Supply Checklist.

Cat Grass
Although cats are carnivores, they love to nibble on plants from time to time. Cat grass is a plant made from a mixture of seeds like rye, barley, oat and more. It keeps kitties occupied and even helps with digestion thanks to added fiber from seeds. Plus, it’s non-toxic and safe to consume, unlike other house plants. Learn more about what plants are good for your cat at home in our blog here.

DIY Enrichment
There are different ways to strengthen your cat’s body and mind without breaking the bank. Consider placing a cardboard box somewhere inside that your cat can be curious about and explore. You’d be surprised: many cats can totally stay occupied with a simple – and free – cardboard box! On a hot day, freeze canned tuna with some water for a refreshing enrichment activity for your kitty. Blowing bubbles is another budget-friendly activity that will leave your cat having a blast.

Get Active!
From feather dancers to frozen tuna, there are so many options fit for your feline companion in your home to help them maintain a healthy body and mind for a better quality of life.

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