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SAFE Haven for Cats exists to help homeless cats find their fur-ever homes. Sometimes we do make exceptions in certain cases. Cam and Scarlet’s story is one that has been experienced by many families. In 2011, at four months old, Cam and Scarlet were adopted from Best Friends by a very kind and loving cat lady. She was also one of SAFE Haven’s biggest supporters and a longtime volunteer. When she passed away in 2019, we chose to help find a new home for these two wonderful seniors.

When they first arrived in August of 2019, Cam and Scarlet were very upset about their situation. We reached out to our volunteers and were able to find a foster home for the pair, where they really thrived. Cam was described as a very sweet, fluffy “mama’s boy” that loved to be around his human all the time. Scarlet was labeled the sweetest cat you will ever meet that loves to sleep with her human at night. When the time was right, they were made available for adoption from their foster home.

In May of 2020, after a long but love-filled wait, Cam and Scarlet met their new mom. We checked in with Danielle to find out how they are doing. She said “I renamed them to Riku and Roxie. They settled in very nicely! They love to play with feather toys and the laser pointer. Riku enjoys sitting in my armchair (which is basically his armchair now) while Roxie prefers kitty huts. They hang out with me during the day while I work and sleep in bed with me at night. They have been the best companions for me during quarantine.” A happy ending for a pair of lovely seniors.

Their story also allows us to highlight a program you may not be aware of, the Serenity Surviving Cat Program. Though Cam and Scarlet were not a part of that program, it is an all too familiar situation. At SAFE Haven for Cats, we are frequently contacted by caring cat owners who are making plans for their cats in their estates. If there are no friends or family members who are willing or able to care for your cats, it is possible to include instructions for your executor to place your cats with a shelter such as SAFE Haven for Cats. SAFE Haven may be able to take these cats and find wonderful new homes for them. Contact Pam Miller at or 919.582.7834 if you are interested in learning more.

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