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Are you helping your cat be the best cat they can be? What does a cat’s best life look like?

In this on-demand class, learn from Dr. Jennifer Bledsoe-Nix, medical director of the SAFE Care Clinic, everything you need to know to enrich your cat’s day-to-day. You’ll get ideas on how to fill their environment with sensory experiences that keep them engaged and tips for activities that lead to positive bonding.

You’ll learn:

  • Why some scents are great and others are dangerous to your cat
  • How play time affects a cat’s mental health
  • How you can use technology to engage your cat
  • Why a cat’s natural instincts lead them to act the way they do

And so much more. This on-demand class will give you not only ideas of what to do, but why you should and how it helps your cat. Don’t you owe it to your BFF – best feline friend – to help them be happy?

Click here to watch this on-demand class and start improving your cat’s life today!