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All May long is Kitten Month at SAFE Haven for Cats. Spring brings kitten season and that means lots of love and care to give! Kittens require special care, so we need your help to love on these tiny balls of cuteness.

Kitten Club StickerThere are so many ways to help SAFE Haven’s kittens:

  • Join the Paw Pals – Giving $5/month will ensure that SAFE Haven can care for kittens and abandoned cats all year long!
  • Kitten Shower Drive-Thru Donation Event – May 11-16 – Drop off much-needed items at the shelter to welcome all the babies being born this spring. Visit our Amazon Wishlist to send something from the comfort of your home. 
  • Kitten Club – A donation of $5 can help feed a kitten for 1 day. Join the Kitten Club when you make a donation of your choice now. Every donation in May will receive a special sticker!

Even if you can’t give a donation this month, there are so many ways to help kittens in our community: