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Our kitties are sooo ready to find new homes! Starting May 8, SAFE Haven for Cats will be adopting the sweet kitties at our shelter.

While our adoption process might look different for a while, we know that our community will support this new process for the health and safety of our adopters, volunteers and staff.

How Can You Adopt A Cat?
Adoptions will be by appointment only by the process below.

There are no walk-ins at this time. Anyone who arrives at the shelter without an appointment will be asked to complete our online adoption process and schedule an appointment through the online system.

Adoptions are first-come, first-served. We cannot hold or reserve or accept pre-pays for any of our available cats or kittens.

Step 1: Pick The Kitties You Want to Meet.
Visit the Meet the Cats page to see all the cats currently available for adoption. Please pick 1-2 cats that you would like to meet at your adoption appointment.

These are ALL the available cats and kittens who are looking for homes in our shelter – there are no hidden or secret cats at the shelter waiting to meet you. Kittens will be most available in the summer months.

You can check the Cats Coming Soon page to see cats and kittens who will be ready to adopt in the coming weeks. These pages will change frequently, so please check back often to find your perfect kitty.

Step 2: Complete the Online Adoption Form.
If you would like to adopt one of our cats, please first complete the adoption interest survey on the SAFE Haven website. Make sure to include the names of the cats you are most interested in adopting.

Step 3: Complete Our Adoption Process.
An adoption counselor will contact you and talk through the adoption process. This conversation will be your chance to share why you want to adopt a cat from SAFE Haven.

Step 4: Make an Adoption Appointment.
Once you complete the online adoption process, you will be able to select an adoption time. There are slots available Tuesday – Sunday with arrival times between 11 – 6:30 pm.

Step 5. Arrive for Your Adoption Appointment.
For the health and safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff, there are two appointments per time slot. Each appointment is for one hour.

The number of visitors to your adoption appointment party is limited due to social distancing and health guidelines. Please note that only 2-3 visitors can come to your Adoption Appointment. This looks like:

    • Two Adults OR
    • One adult and two children under 13 OR
    • One adult and one child older than 13

We encourage larger groups to use virtual tools such as FaceTime to show how the cat plays and interacts.

All visitors will be able to request time with one or two cats in the shelter when they schedule their appointment. If time permits, visitors may be able to play with more cats.

Please Bring to Your Adoption Appointment:

    • Mask or Cloth Face Covering – All visitors must wear masks during their time at SAFE Haven; the staff reserves the right to check temperatures using a contact-free thermometer. Visitors must supply their own masks.
    • Carrier From Home – Adopters may bring a carrier from home; staff will clean and disinfect the outside of the carrier before handling and/or placing a cat inside. Adopters must be prepared to take the cat home at the end of the appointment.

The retail shop is open – Adopters can purchase carriers, litter boxes and toys at the shelter during your appointment.

Individuals who are feeling ill, running a fever or coughing should avoid scheduling an appointment until they feel better. Staff will thoroughly clean and disinfect all playrooms after each visit.

Step 6: Love On Your New Kitty!
We can’t wait to see you at home with your new forever friend. Make sure to post a photo of your new kitty companion on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us. If you need help getting your new friend accustomed to her new home, check out our online resources.

Thank you for working with our cats and our team to find a new path to finding homes for these sweet cats. They can’t wait to see you!