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Quite a few cats that have come to SAFE Haven have a rough start in life and go on to find a happy, fur-ever home on their first try. Others are not so lucky.

Pharrell came to us in 2014 when his owners could no longer keep him, but he was quickly adopted by another family who loved him very much. Unfortunately, they too could no longer care for him and he was returned to SAFE Haven. You can imagine how that might affect a kitty like Pharrell. This time when he came back, he didn’t adjust to shelter life and so he went to a foster home. After a little time learning to trust people in a home again, he became the sweetest, snuggliest kitty ever. Finally, he was adopted from his foster home in late 2019 and all the staff were so happy for him. The gentleman who adopted Pharrell couldn’t have been better for him. It was love at first sight!

Then the unthinkable happened. Tragedy struck for poor Pharrell, who was called Murray, when his human suddenly passed away. Murray was alone for two days by his human’s side. Everyone was heartbroken for Murray and his adopter’s family. We were able to take him in again but it wasn’t easy for poor Murray.

After spending some time in our office suite, Murray is once again the sweet, goofy boy he was in a home. He enjoys looking out of the windows, laying around watching the staff and assisting with work by laying on our desks. He demands to be loved and we love providing it for him! And now, his fur-ever family will love him just as much as we do since he’s found his new family.

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