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We asked. You answered!
We’re blown away by our community!


Our supporters turned out in DROVES. There was not one cat left on the adoption floor. Not kidding. We cleared every cage!

We adopted 45 cats on Saturday as part of WRAL’s Clear the Shelters event. This was in addition to the 12 cats that found homes during the week! It sure is quiet around here!

We did not receive any funding for participating Clear the Shelters from the event sponsors. We participate in the Clear the Shelters to be part of the bigger movement of rescuing shelter animals across the country. Going into the day we knew it was worth it because finding homes for cats is always our #1 goal. It’s our mission. It’s why we get up every day!

BUT when we told one of our top donors about this weekend, they had an interesting idea…

They said they would give SAFE Haven for Cats a donation of $12,000 at the end of the month IF our donors also gave $12,000 to the Clear the Shelter “Kitty”. This communal pot of money will be used to recoup the cost of care for the Clear the Shelter cats plus care for nearly 100 cats in the future!

This also means your donation will go twice as far with every dollar matched through the end of the month!

Please donate by midnight on August 31we’re trying to raise $12,000 to unlock our donor’s generous gift. Remember we are trying to raise enough money to pay for all the cats adopted plus at least 100 more!​


Make a donation today.