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We rolled out the red carpet for Gazpacho! This sassy gal, also known as Little G, may be petite — only 6 pounds — but she has the purr-sonality of a star.

Our friends and partners at the ASPCA in New York knew that this little six-year-old had some challenges to face on top of her recovery from a difficult situation. SAFE Haven was called on to help, and we were happy to welcome her into our caring community.

In addition to the challenges she’s faced from her living environment, Little G has a few health issues that mean extra special care. Her heart murmur is well managed with the proper medication, but she also suffers from hypermetric ataxia. This condition means a special walk with a few wobbles. She tends to lose her balance and sometimes falls over when she walks. But that doesn’t discourage this superstar!

As we care for Gazpacho and give her the medical attention she needs, she is also getting lots of cuddles and face rubs.

You can help us care for her and other cats that need special attention. Your support, whether ongoing or one-time, means we can continue to give these cats a second chance. Make a one-time donation or become a Paw Pal and donate each month. Little G thanks you for it!