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Last April, Patti Godin was appointed the Interim Executive Director, when Founder and President Pam Miller departed the organization. Ms. Godin recently informed the Board of Directors that she wants to move back to her Operations Director role, a role she held for six years; the Board, therefore, will begin the process of interviewing candidates for the Executive Director position and ultimately select a candidate to lead the organization, hopefully for many years.

“I am confident that the Board will choose a candidate who is future-focused, loves cats, and is fully aligned with our mission to save cats’ lives and prevent overpopulation,” Patti said. “As we head into the next 30 years of our existence, we need bold, innovative leadership to address the challenges in our community. By moving back to the role for which I was hired, I can better support the programs and our leadership in meaningful ways.”

SAFE Haven will retain the services of Armstrong McGuire, a local firm committed with a 20-year track record of building strong non-profits through leadership and resource development. Says Mary Ka Powers, Chair of the SAFE Haven Board of Directors: “Armstrong McGuire has the experience and tools to help our organization find not only the strongest Executive Director candidate, but also the one who amplifies our distinct message to our constituents, collaborates with our team purposefully, and leads us on an exciting journey in animal welfare.”