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Teefs came to SAFE Haven from Franklin County Animal Shelter; he had been in a household with dozens of dogs and several cats – it was dangerous and unhealthy. This 10-year-old tabby deserved a safe, warm, loving place to rest. SAFE Haven provided needed medical care including extensive dental work; he had to have many teeth extracted, but that didn’t stop this sweet man from loving his dinner!

Unfortunately, dental problems were not the only medical woes; Teefs also had old trauma to his right back leg that required amputation. When foster Jennifer agreed to take Teefs home after the surgery to recuperate, she and her family fell in love! She wrote to us:

I picked Mr. Teefs up on a Friday afternoon, right after his amputation surgery. Once we got home, I opened the crate and he wobbled right out. You could tell he was irritated by his recent experience, but he still found the strength to approach my husband and me for a gentle head pet! I asked my husband right then if this was going to be our 5th cat and he agreed! In the next few days, his personality really started to show. He is happiest when he is touching you or giving you head bumps! He never stops purring! We are so in love with Mr. Teefs and didn’t hesitate to start the adoption process. I’m so happy we will be able to spoil him rotten for the years to come!

After a week as a foster kitty in a wonderful home, Teefs is officially part of the family!  With his adoption, he can start a great new life and put those old, horrible memories behind him. Thank you to Jenn and her family for being Teefs’ champions!

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