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SAFE Care Clinic is Taking Appointments!
The SAFE Care Clinic is open and taking appointments! We’re purring with happiness that we can meet our mission of offering low cost and free spay and neuters for the community. To protect the safety of our staff and patients, your drop-off and pick-up will look a little different. Read more about how you can get your appointment!

Fast Facts About Spay & Neuter
Fixing your kitty not only reduces the number of homeless kitties but is also good for the health of your cat. Here are some fast facts you should know about spay/neuter!

    • 80% of pet cats are spayed or neutered. That means cats are living healthier lives!
    • Spaying can prevent certain types of cancers for 90% of female cats.
    • Neutering your male cat can reduce his natural tendencies to prowl, fight & mate.

Read more about why spay and neuter is right for your pet.