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You know that joy and excitement you feel when it’s your birthday and everyone treats you like the super special person you are? Share it with us by setting up a birthday fundraiser to help SAFE Haven. Bonus – doing good makes your special day even better!

Here’s how:

  1. Click our special fundraiser link:
  2. Pick a goal – there’s no amount too small to support our cats!
  3. Tell people why they should donate. Did you adopt your furry feline family member from us? Do you think it’s important to help reduce feline overpopulation? Write it down in your own words, and then…
  4. Share! Share your fundraiser to your Facebook page and then let people know how they can make your birthday special for you AND for our cats!
  5. Bask in the feeling of doing good and know that the kitties are saying thank you!

Need a little setup help? Click here.