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When I went to SAFE Haven for Cats, I was there hoping to adopt a sweet little kitten I’d seen on the website. I rushed there as fast as I could, but I just missed her. Disappointed, I halfheartedly looked around at the other cats. Just as I decided to leave, one of them caught my eye. He looked a lot like my cat Phoebe and I paused to look at him. The woman helping me starting telling me how sweet and cuddly he was, and I asked to hold him. I really just wanted to cheer myself up, but as soon as I held him I knew I’d be taking him home. I’ve never met a cat who loves cuddling and being held as much as Chidi does! He is the sweetest little guy. When I come home, he stands on his hind legs to rub his head on my hand. He sleeps on top of me every night. He loves to play, and he loves food. I had to get childproof locks for my cabinets!

I’m so glad I decided to hold him before leaving that day.