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I guess you can really say the cat chose me! I’ve always told myself I never wanted an orange cat because they are so common. That all changed when I walked into SAFE Haven in 2015. There was a cat I’d seen online and wanted to meet, but when I turned down one aisle of cat cages, there he was…literally waiting for me to get to him. I jokingly say a light shined down from heaven and spotlighted him amidst all the others! His personality and need for attention did me in.

This ginger nugget has been more than I could ever have imagined. He is my constant roommate, furkid, and comfort. He’s also earned the title of therapy cat as he knows when I am anxious or sad and makes sure to find his way onto my chest or lap. He greets me at the door every day and sleeps on my head every night.

Finn’s favorite hobbies are: chattering at the birds; drinking from the sink; hair ties; waking me up at 6 am even though he has food downstairs; and laying in the sun.

Thank you, SAFE Haven!