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My family is one of those that found SAFE Haven for Cats back in 1994 (in the garage days) and adopted one of those cats found in the church.

We found out about the organization when they were at a local pet store for an adoption event. My brother and father saw Grace and knew she was the perfect cat for us. They came right home so my mom and I could go back to meet her too and make arrangements to adopt her.

We had lost a cat due to an infectious disease and it was not recommended for Grace to brought to our home until her shots gave her protection. Pam and Doug let us come over on the weekend to visit with her while we anxiously waited to bring her home.

Grace was not used to people and I had to work hard with her to socialize her to her new home and to her family. Once she realized how much she was loved, she was devoted to me and followed me around everywhere. She hated for me to leave on any trips and would sit on the luggage trying to keep me from leaving.

We thought a sister would be good for her and adopted a kitten named Samantha the following year. Samantha was just a little thing and we called her itty bitty. Grace wanted to make sure that Samantha knew who was in charge of the home but gradually they became close and Grace would even use her sister as a pillow.

Grace and Samantha both died from cancer (2004 and 2013) but their memories bring my family joy. We continue to adopt from SAFE Haven. Connie, Barbie and Whitney joined my family in the years to follow. My parents also continue to adopt from SAFE Haven and have Bella and Kelly in their home.

We have been happy to support SAFE Haven over the years with food donations and fundraising for the group. We hope the next 25 years are just as successful for the charity.

I have attached a photo of Grace and Samantha shortly after we adopted Samantha in 1995. Grace is the gray cat and Samantha is the white cat.

Grace and Sam