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On July 2, 2017 when I visited SAFE Haven, I was originally introduced to a small Calico cat who did everything but climb in my pocket to tell me she wanted to come home with me. While she was doing that, a little gray tabby in a cage just outside our playroom was intently watching everything we did. I asked to see her. The volunteer literally said, “her?” with a tone of incredulity in her voice. She then took the Calico back and came back with another volunteer and a large towel. Carefully, they burrito-ed the tabby and put her in my friend’s lap. The cat sat there for a few minutes then explored every inch of the enclosure. The towel was again necessary to get her into my lap, where she nestled purring and content. I actually had to ease her to the floor to get up and go sign the paperwork. My friend, like the original volunteer, looked at me like I had lost my mind.

Sasha took a couple of weeks to get comfortable in my house, and is still shy around strangers, but she is the most lovingly independent cat around. She still dislikes being picked up. But she is a love bug on her own terms. She snuggles in my lap for long afternoon naps on weekends, and sleeps around my feet at night. She clearly picked me with her beautiful, intelligent eyes and her gentle demeanor. She is my companion and guardian.

She does have a new brother who so wants to be her friend. She is not convinced (yet). She ignores him as much as she can, but growls vigorously at night if she thinks he is bothering me.

I greatly appreciate SAFE Haven and the care taken in helping me find Sasha.

Playful Sasha