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I just recently adopted this cute kitty. It’s been a great journey so far and I hope we have a long journey with it too. When I first saw it, I fell in love with the way it purrs at me and meows. I knew this is the right cat for me. I have been diagnosed with bipolar at 14 years old and I wanted a cat to help me with my journey to the light. My sister has autism and I wanted her to be comfortable with her self and know it’s okay to be different. Everybody is different in there own way, just like cats. I never have really owned a cat before but with my knowledge hopefully, it can live a long happy life with us. Even though cats are costly, it’s worth to see life grow and develop a love for the cat throughout the years. I haven’t done much work to help the SAFE Haven community but in the future, I wish I could help and volunteer more at the shelter. I would like to donate some food and also a cat tower for the cats at the shelter. I recommend you to adopt a cat from SAFE Haven, the employees and volunteers have the right advice to give at such a low cost. Just pay under 100$ for everything already prepared for you to continue your journey and your cat’s as well. I hope people that are reading this story get inspired and grow a love for themselves and others. Happy New Year!

The Story of Caterpillar