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We had two female cats we loved dearly, both passed away due to old age and (after our second cat passed in July of 2012) our home felt empty without the company of furry critters. We wanted to adopt some rescue kittens from a no-kill shelter so we applied to SAFE Haven … and just before we took a quick pre-Christmas vacation, I packed our cat carrier into our car.

I knew we were going visit SAFE Haven on our way back, and I knew we would not be returning home alone! We clearly remember walking in and seeing our Boys for the first time, snuggled up against one another…it took all of 3 seconds for our minds to be made up, and after some time together in the play-room we knew these were our Boys.

It was almost heart-breaking having to put them back into their cage for the five minutes we were filling out their paperwork, as Earl immediately stood up on his hind legs and cried out across the room at us as if to say “Don’t go! We want to be with you!”

It is now just over 6 years later, and our Boys are a constant source of joy and companionship…neither of us have experienced such affectionate, playful and devoted cats as our Tuxedo James (Bond) and sweet Earl (Grey). Everyone who meets them says how handsome and friendly they are, not to mention how big; James is 16 lbs. and all muscle, Earl is slimmer and moves like greased lightning and still tells us just how he feels! Both love to wrestle, play fetch with us and snuggle on the sofa…

Without a doubt we feel like we were made for each other and we want to say a huge THANK YOU to SAFE Haven for bringing such sheer joy into our lives. We love our Boys so much and could not be happier.

The Story of James Bond and Earl Grey