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We adopted Tater Tot on June 28, 2015 during a free adoption event. We dropped by just to see some kitties on our way out of town. My husband and I split up to walk around and when we joined back up, it turned out that we were smitten with the same kitten! So we asked if they could make an exception & hold her until we got back into town at the end of the weekend and they graciously obliged since she had been there for a little bit. She was originally named Milena but we like silly names so she was soon dubbed her Tater Tot! We were told she was a laid back girl who would be a perfect companion to our other cat who is chronically ill and couldn’t handle much activity at the time. That’s how it started off: laid back, chill. But as Tater started getting more comfortable, the crazy energy came out and let me tell you, we wouldn’t change a thing! She actually made the other cat more energetic and gave him a slight competitive edge to eating which was great since he needed to gain weight. We’ve had to pull several of her teeth which lends to some crazy faces. She is the perfect weirdo! She loves to dig in the trash, lick reusable grocery bags, chase her tail, the list goes on.

Her 4 year adopt-a-versary is right around the corner and she will be showered with treats, given very small pieces of bread (girl loves carbs) and she’ll get a brand new stick toy to chase. She’s in LOVE with the other cat. He gets slightly annoyed by how much she’s all over him but he allows it and secretly enjoys it.

She’s the best addition to our household and we fall more and more in love with her everyday.