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A pregnant feral female cat arrived at our house and delivered (3) kittens. I reached out to local Facebook Marketplace people asking for info to have the mama cat and her kittens fixed, to try to reduce the over population. The FB community recommended SAFE Haven and I started the process. I was able to catch mama and 2 of her kittens and they were all fixed and returned to me. The third kitten was caught a few days later and when I brought her in, SAFE Haven wanted to put her up for adoption so she would have a fur ever indoor home. I have the 2 kitten; Trouble (orange) and Sheba (black) and mama (Callie-calico) cat still comes around to eat but at least I do not have to worry that they will continue to re-populate. I hope to be able to move the 2 kittens into the house this fall. Thank you so much SAFE Haven!