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We had an adult male stray cat that showed up on our patio and chose us to live with as cats often do. We decided he’d like a companion and came to SAFE Haven looking for an adult female cat to befriend him in August of 2013. I was worried my bleeding heart couldn’t take seeing all the sweet kitties needing homes, but SAFE Haven (and our adoption counselor, Ray Dragon), were wonderful. We met lots of sweet cats, but felt drawn to a shy torti girl named Twinky. At that time she had been at SAFE Haven the longest of any kitty there – weeks that had rolled into months, if I remember correctly. Her history was mostly unknown. She at one time was a TNR kitty as her left ear is clipped and we were told she’d been found left in a carrier at your front door when staff arrived for work one morning. Her coloring was “unusual” so she’d been looked over again and again. I hate that she had to wait so long for her forever home, but she found it with our family. Twinky is a lap kitty first and foremost and her purr engine pretty much runs constantly. She loves to chase rubber balls and sleep in whatever ray of sun she can find (if that sunshine is on a pile of papers or in her princess cat castle, even better)! I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor about a month after she joined our family and she didn’t leave my side during the months of recovery time I spent on the couch. We are so thankful for the blessing of our sweet Twinky and appreciate all the forever homes that SAFE Haven enables each year!