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C.B. came to us as Vibrava to foster and never quite went back. We felt qualified as she had had her front leg amputated due to an injury she sustained as a hoarding survivor and we already had a black cat who was missing his back leg. Both cats were black and as we had helped Hank adjust to life as a 14 pounder with 3 legs we figured we could help C.B. adjust as well. She was elderly and tiny but definitely a force to be reckoned with. It took me months and multiple wounds to coax her out of the tiny carpet covered round cat house she occupied at first in our sun room away from the other 3 cats but once she came out it was on. Her world was on the couch on her heated pad, with her food nearby and better yet when she could have someone rub her belly, constantly if not more often.

She made huge strides from when we brought her home and even survived a long plane trip to her new home in Oregon. We had 4 people and 4 cats on that trip and C.B. and I had to take a hit for the team and travel first class as there was already another dog in economy and they would only agree to 3 more animals. She made the trip without a problem and remained calm the entire time. She charmed the guys we had helping us fix up the house we bought in Oregon and every morning they would come and say Hi to C.B. and pay her some special attention. She was definitely a big part of their day and even inspired one of the guys to adopt a senior cat from the shelter and give her the best possible life for the time she had left.

C.B. only had 4 teeth left when she arrived and they left scars on my hand from the early days before she discovered she liked being adored but nothing anywhere near as deep as the one she left on our hearts when we lost her to cancer at probably 15 or 16. She may have been little but she was a fierce survivor and a sweetheart, as long as you kept the hand on her belly 🙂

The Story of Vibrava (now CB)