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I adopted Vikki September 27, 2012 from SAFE Haven. I wanted another kitty but I had to talk my husband into it. I brought it up and at first he said no. Then the next morning he said yes! We were both off work for a couple of days for a concert. We went to the shelter and all the kitties came up to the sides of their cages. I told him I couldn’t decide. I wanted all of them! So he walked around and one in particular caught his eye. There was a note on her cage that she was a “love muffin” and liked to get rides on shoulders! We went into a small room to get to know her better and she jumped right up on my hubby’s shoulder. She was so sweet and friendly and knew she was for us. Her first night in our house was a little stressful for her because our other kitties had to get used to her. We didn’t go to that concert that night. We weren’t going to leave her by herself on her first night. Fast forward seven years later she’s doing great! She is still a “love muffin” and still loves those shoulder rides with her daddy! She loves her siblings too! When she first came she had two older sisters and an older brother that was really cool. Unfortunately her older brother passed on but he was really sweet to her. Much older and looked out for her. Then in 2014 she got a younger sister. Sometimes the younger sibling likes to chase her and she doesn’t like to be chased. She and her sisters all get along well and I believe she is a happy girl! She is one of the sweetest kitties I’ve ever known!