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To save the most lives, we rely on foster families to open their homes to cats in need. We received a plea from one of our partnering county shelters to take a gorgeous mom and her newborn kittens. Thankfully a foster family was willing to take on the extra work and love on this cat family.

On her initial exam, mom was healthy but terrified. She and her babies had been through a very difficult 24-hours, but they were finally safe. Mom was a beautiful, but skinny, dilute tortoiseshell. We named her Moonstone. Her kittens were feisty for newborns. We decided they needed feisty names. So, we called them Ant-Man, Mantis, Moon Knight, and Phoenix.

Here at SAFE Haven, we can help our cats and kittens thrive and grow. Luckily, thanks to an awesome mom and foster family to support them, these kitties only need a little help, and after eight weeks in foster, they came to SAFE Haven to find their forever homes.

Open your home and have a profound impact on saving the lives of cats in the Triangle. Start your journey to your foster care future by completing our volunteer forms.

By Dr. Jennifer Bledsoe-Nix