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Cats that come to SAFE Haven are cared and loved for regardless of their needs. Extra medical care means extra love from our staff.

During Croissant’s intake exam, we discovered she has feline leukemia. Feline leukemia is a contagious viral disease that is present in saliva and other body fluids. “friendly” contact between cats typically spread it. This often means shared food or water dishes, grooming and shared litter boxes. While there is no treatment for feline leukemia, but with proper preventative care, cats can live for years.

Some cats that test initially positive for feline leukemia will revert to being negative in a few weeks. Unfortunately, Croissant’s definitive feline leukemia test came back positive. This test meant that she is positive for feline leukemia.

At SAFE Haven, we believe feline leukemia positive cats are “pawsitively” adoptable! Because the virus is contagious, we will only adopt her into an only cat home. She could not be around any other cats even if they are vaccinated for leukemia.

Thankfully, her perfect person came along quickly and she was adopted in September. Our beautiful girl, Croissant who loves to snuggle found her forever home with a caring family.