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“Earl is not handling the shelter environment well. He needs out very soon.”

This was the plea Granville County Shelter made on their Facebook page on behalf of a big kitty named Earl. SAFE Haven’s Shelter Director Sherri wanted so badly to help but SAFE Haven was full at the time. Earl would have to wait until one or a few of the cats got adopted.

This happens often since there are usually more cats than available space in shelters, especially during kitten season when kittens flood the shelters and get adopted quicker than adults. Fortunately for this big kitty space was freed up shortly after and Sherri was able to bring him back to SAFE Haven where he could begin the next chapter of his life!

Earl was clearly a fun character from his description on the Granville Shelter’s Facebook. “11 pounds of handsome! He’s laid back and ready to be your best buddy!” He was sweet but had a hard time adjusting to the chaotic shelter life. He would greatly benefit from the special care and patience from the SAFE Haven team to help calm his nerves.

Sherri and the other team members wanted to give him a fresh start, so they named him Calvin Klein to better match his handsome swagger. After just a few days, Calvin’s sweet and confident side began to shine as he grew more comfortable and calm with the people and other cats around him. He enjoys petting and playtime and is currently waiting for the next chapter in his life at his forever home!

When you adopt a cat from SAFE Haven you’re not only saving that cat’s life but you’re making room for another cat in need! If you’re interested in adopting Calvin or another one of our kitties, please visit our adoption page and complete an adoption application! Check to make sure Calvin is still available for adoption on our Meet the Cats page.