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A Celebri-Kitty

Verne went from office supervisor to an insta-kitty celebrity when he was adopted after a two-month weight-loss program that helped him get fit. Click here to read his story!

A Lovely Dinner

Thanks to you all, we raised over $5,879 during our Spay-ghetti and No Balls March drive! Your donations will help us reduce pet overpopulation, making a big difference in our community. We hope to celebrate with you in person next year.

Stimulus Support

More and more, we’re being contacted by people who can’t keep their cats due to a change in their circumstances. We’re doing everything we can and can do more because of your support. Please remember us as you receive your stimulus check and consider paying it forward if you can spare it.

It’s Raining Kittens

April means kitten season, a time when cat overpopulation grows and grows with each new litter. What should you do if you find abandoned kittens? First step: watch and wait. Click for the next step.

Easter Caution

Lilies are a beautiful part of the Easter holiday but for your cat, they mean danger. All it takes is one drink of water from a vase of cut lilies for your furry friend to suffer. Learn more about these beautiful but deadly plants.


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