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Kitten Love!

Thank you to everyone who dropped off or sent donations during our Kitten Shower last month! You gave so much, including 677 lbs. of dry food, 750 lbs. of wet food and 807 lbs. of litter. That means we can continue helping these sweet little ones when they need us. The kittens thank you!

Get Moving for the Cats

Turn your daily walk, run or bike ride into a donation for SAFE Haven for Cats! Register by June 30 to participate in a virtual walk/run/bike race that will support animals in need, including SAFE Haven cats! $10 of your fee will come to us when you choose us at registration and you’ll get a special race shirt! Click here to learn more and register.

Adopt a Shelter Cat

This month is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and what better time is there to meet your fur-ever friend?! Here are just a few ways to find your match:

Ready to Adopt

How do you know you’re ready to bring home a pet? By asking yourself the questions we have in this resource. One question to ask: what is our plan for our cat during vacation and other travel?

Tips & Tricks

If you’ve brought home a new kitty, we have a lot of information to adapt to this paw-sitive change in your life. From tips on how to make sure your kitty uses the litter box to introducing cats to the dogs, cats or kids in your life, we want to make sure everyone gets off to a great start!


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