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Message from Our Interim Executive Director

Dear Friends of SAFE Haven,

This past year has been of remarkable change and life-saving here at SAFE Haven. Without your generous support, we would not have been able to

  • Welcome 1,356 cats and kittens into our adoption program.
    • Many (318) of these cats came from local, euthanizing shelters; this means 24 percent of our kitties were given a second chance at finding their forever homes.
    • Even more (643) came to SAFE Haven because they were on our stray cat waitlist. We are so very proud that we can offer this to our community; you are the voice for the strays that show up in your backyards, at your workplaces, and even on the sides of the road. You come through for these kitties every day, providing them food, shelter, and even medical care before bringing them here.
    • Did you know that about eight percent (106) of cats who enter our shelter come through our SAFE Care Clinic? Most of these kitties come from colonies nearby; they are some of the sweetest cats you will ever meet! We believe many of our clinic cats have been abandoned or lost and were lucky enough to find their way here.
  • Adopt 1,323 cats and kittens to wonderful families in 38 North Carolina counties. Almost 10 percent of the adopted cats were adults and mature companions; our SAFE Haven family has such a heart for cats of all ages and origins!
  • Alter 7,283 cats and dogs at our SAFE Care Clinic; these animals came from 41 of the 100 counties in North Carolina (and a couple of counties in Virginia!). Preventing overpopulation and needless suffering is the mission of SAFE Haven and SAFE Care; Dr. Kutner and her team certainly met that challenge.
  • Provide families in need with over 30,000 pounds (15 tons!) of pet food through our Pet Food Pantry. Your contributions of dog and cat food throughout the year and during our Food Drives keep companion animals in their homes and their owners from having to make hard decisions—surrendering or abandoning their animals, going without food and medicine themselves, providing unhealthy alternatives.

The best part of sharing this message with you is this past year was record-breaking on all levels—the most cats taken in, the most cats adopted out, the most spay/neuter surgeries, and the most food distributed. This is all because of YOU, our supporters and champions. We have nowhere to go but up as they say, and 2023-24 will be all about the cats, all of the time!

With gratitude,



Patti Godin
Interim Executive Director