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In what has been a matter of days, nothing is as it has always been before and that is especially true for all of us here at SAFE Haven for Cats.

As I write you today, we have 75 cats and kittens that are being cared for by our professional team.

    • No volunteers.
    • No visitors.
    • No clinic hours.
    • No adoptions.

To navigate this new normal and to care for some of the most vulnerable that we share this life with, our paid staff has taken on the workload of an army of volunteers. Like everyone who is a part of our extended family, they are motivated by their commitment and their passion for the cats in kittens in our care.

Simply put…we need your help, your financial support now…in any amount, so that we can provide funding for all of our staff and compensate them for their service. These extra costs were unplanned, and therefore, unbudgeted.

I can promise you that your gift in any amount…$5, $50 or $500…will be appreciated and all of it will be used to provide for the care of the animals here with us until adoptions can once again resume.

If you’d like to help SAFE Haven for Cats at this critical moment, please click here. Thank you, and stay safe.

Watch this video to see our team working hard to care for our cats.