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SAFE Haven is often asked to take in cats that are found as strays. One such cat is Darth. No, not Darth Vader, just Darth (although he did come in with Princess Leia!). At the time of his intake on March 1st of this year, Darth weighed in at about 24 pounds! He was so matted with crusty hair and debris that he had to be shaved from neck to tail. About 5 pounds was probably lost in the grooming session alone. Currently, Darth looks a bit like a lion, with his long mane, puffy “boots” and fluffy tail.

We recently spoke with Darth and he had much to say.

Could you tell us what your favorite toy is?
“I love the shiny red dot! I think you all call it a laser pointer.”

Where do you like your scritches?
“Neck, chin, booty, sometimes belly, I’m not too picky.”

Does anything scare you?
“Not much, but I do get spooked by loud noises and sudden movements.”

And finally, what are your thoughts on treats?
“Feed me all the treats!”

Darth is about nine years old and currently weighs about 21 pounds. He’s ready for to find his special someone. While he waits, he’s getting lots of love and scritches from our cat care team and volunteers.

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