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Our February workshop on building a shelter for community cats was a big success! Our easy-to-build project means even more cats will be protected from the cold if needed. 

Avery Gunther, outreach coordinator for SAFE Haven, led the workshop, which drew people from a wide area who work with cat rescues or trap-neuter-release efforts, or who live in places where feral cats are common. In some places, Gunther said, feral cats will try to shelter on people’s porches, leaving fur and dander on their outdoor furniture. “If you don’t want cats on your furniture, give them some furniture of their own,” Gunther said.

Laura Lee of Franklinton said she wanted to learn to build the shelters because she has four feral cats that have taken up residence outside her house; she sees them sometimes on her doorbell camera. She said she also works with a local cat rescue and would teach other volunteers there to build the shelters, and would show her mom, who works with a feline rescue in Charlotte.

Click here to read the News & Observer article.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this special event.

Ready to build your own home for cats? Download our PDF of instructions!