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What does it mean to foster? 
SAFE Haven foster families give short-term care for cats that are either too young to be adopted or need a little extra socialization. They even give cats a place to crash when they need a break from shelter life. 

A bonus of having a great group of foster families: SAFE Haven for Cats can take in that many more cats who are ready to be adopted immediately. Fostering save lives just by opening more homes to adoptable cats! 

While it can be hard to say goodbye, many fosters say it’s worth it because it’s fun and rewarding to see their kittens find their new families. 

Click here to visit our foster information page and learn what it takes to be a volunteer foster!

A Word from a Foster
Foster Traci Highsmith Holding Four Baby Kittens In Her Hands

SAFE Haven foster volunteer Traci Highsmith was recently featured in the News & Observer for how she brings attention to her foster kittens: social media! 

“Shelters like SAFE Haven need social media influencers like Traci,” [Senior Director Patti] Godin said. “Even if her @RaleighKittens follower doesn’t adopt one of her foster kittens, they have visited our website, maybe stopped by and toured our shelter, and perhaps fell in love with another shelter cat who may have not been adopted so quickly.” 

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